The 25 Most Influential People in the Protestant Reformation

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Written by Robert C. Jones

Acworth, Georgia

 Copyright 2014 Robert C. Jones

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Course and Book Contents



Thomas Müntzer (#25)

German preacher and theologian; a leader of the German Peasant Rebellion

Melchior Hoffman (#24)

Traveling Anabaptist preacher; Apocalyptic, “millenialist”; often associated with the Münster Rebellion of 1534/35, although he wasn't physically there

Zacharius Ursinus (#23)

Austrian theologian who wrote the preliminary draft of the Heidelberg Catechism

Caspar Schwenckfeld (#22)

Early follower of Luther who later questioned key Lutheran tenets; founder of the Schwenkfelders

Michael & Margaretha Sattler (#21)

Former monastics who helped craft the Anabaptist Schleitheim Confession

Menno Simons (#20)

Dutch Anabaptist credited with bringing calm to the church after the Münster Rebellion

Andreas Karlstadt (#19)

Early follower of Luther; unfairly accused of supporting violence during the German Peasant's Revolt

William Farel (#18)

French preacher who brought western Switzerland to the Reformed faith; talked John Calvin into staying in Geneva in 1536

Heinrich Bullinger (#17)

Swiss theologian; successor to Zwingli; co-author (with Calvin) of the Consensus Tigurinus on the Eucharist

Thomas Cromwell (#16)

Chief Minister for Henry VIII, destroyed the monastic system in England

Theodore Beza (#15)

French theologian; Calvin's successor and biographer

Peter Martyr Vermigli (#14)

Italian theologian (and former prior); helped draft helped craft the Anglican Book of Common Prayer and the Forty-Two Articles of Religion

John Foxe (#13)

Author of Book of Martyr's: Acts and Monuments

Edward VI (#12)

Henry VIII's son, the first King who was Protestant from birth

Martin Bucer (#11)

French (Alsace) theologian and ecumenicist

John Knox (#10)

Scottish co-founder of Presbyterianism

Desiderius Erasmus (#9)

Dutch humanist; author of Praise of Folly; prepared a Greek New Testament

William Tyndale (#8)

Theologian, translated the Bible into English

Queen Elizabeth I (#7)

Savior of Protestantism in England, defeated the Spanish Armada

Philipp Melanchthon (#6)

Lutheran theologian; drew up the Augsburg Confession

Henry VIII (#5)

Made himself head of the church, ordered the destruction of the monasteries

Thomas Cranmer (#4)

Book of Common Prayer, The Thirty-Nine Articles; Archbishop of Canterbury

Ulrich Zwingli (#3)

A founder of the Reformed Church; died fighting against Catholics in the Second Battle of Kappel

John Calvin (#2)

A founder of the Reformed Church; author of Christian Institutes

Martin Luther (#1)

German monk who tacked the 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg Castle in 1517; Founder of Lutheranism

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