The 25 Most Influential Women in the Post-Apostolic Church

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Written by Robert Jones Acworth, Georgia

 Copyright 2013 Robert C. Jones

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Mother Teresa (#1)

Founder and Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity; Noble Peace Prize winner

Catherine of Siena (#2)

Doctor of the Church;mystic, author, reformer, Papal ambassador

Saint Teresa of Avila (#3)

Doctor of the Church; Christian mystic, author, and the founder of a number of monasteries and convents

St. Clare of Assisi (#4)

Founder of the Poor Clares

Queen Elizabeth I (#5)

Savior of Protestantism in England; defeated the Spanish Armada

Aimee Semple McPherson (#6)

Made Pentecostalism a worldwide phenomenon

St. Bridget of Sweden (#7)

Founded the Brigittines, author, church reformer

Frances Jane Crosby (#8)

Wrote over 8,000 hymns

St. Brigid of Ireland (#9)

Founded Convent of Kildare, may have had the power of a bishop; “Patroness of Ireland”

Joan of Arc (#10)

Maid of Orleans”; helped decide the 100 Years War in the favor of France

Harriet Beecher Stowe (#11)

Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Anne Hutchinson (#12)

Expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for publicly disagreeing with the settlement elders

Phoebe Palmer (#13)

"Mother of the holiness movement"

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (#14)

Doctor of the Church; author of autobiography The Story of a Soul

Hilda of Whitby (#15)

Founded Whitby Abbey in England; in 663, hosted the Synod of Whitby

Heloise (#16)

Scholar, writer, and prioress; had a love affair with Peter Abélard

Hildegard of Bingen (#17)

Doctor of the Church; writer, composer, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess

Mother Ann Lee (#18)

Founder of the Shakers

Catherine Mumford Booth (#19)

Mother of The Salvation Army”

Margaret Fell (#20)

Mother of Quakerism

Saint Scholastica (#21)

Established first Benedictine convent

Elizabeth Ann Seton (#22)

Founded first free Catholic school in America, which later became the Catholic parochial school system

Margaretha Sattler (#23)

Co-founder of the Anabaptists

Clotilde (#24)

Helped convert France to Christianity; builder of churches and monasteries

Saint Perpetua (#25)

Third century Christian martyr