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Author's note:  Below is some of the feedback I've received since I began posting my courses on the WWW.  These are all posted without identification, since at the time I received them, I didn't ask the senders if I could post them on the Web with identification.

If you'd you to have your feedback posted on this page (with or without your name/church), please send your feedback to:


"You asked for information if your courses are used in sunday school classes anywhere, so I'm letting you know that I was very pleased with your treatise on baptism, and am planning on using the information prepared there for my 7th & 8th grade Sunday School classes, at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in [].  These students have recently completed coverage of history of the Christian church, and we decided the next logical step was the Church today.  They had an interest in beliefs of various denominations, so we decided to cover these issue by issue.  The first to be covered is baptism - and the wide variety of beliefs today regarding it.  I was concerned with looking for this info on the web, because any crackpot can write their beliefs there, but your work looks very well researched and balanced.  I was very pleased with your research.  Certainly we won't use it all, but we will use much of it.  Thanks so much for your efforts, and thanks to Google for leading me there!"

"Wanted to thank you for your online info on the Spanish Inquisition.  I'm leading a brief overview of Church history, and found it quite helpful."

"FYI - While researching a topic for a school assignment, my daughter found your excellent site. As a Catholic, the Reformation is of great interest to me. This will serve as a learning tool - we thank you."

"I'm in the 8th grade in a school in New Jersey and I just wanted to thank you so much for all this wonderful information. It's a lot of help on my research project on the Inquisition."

"Thank you for your web site that covers the 12 Apostles.  I've been assigned to give a brief overview of Judas Iscariot at our Sunday school and I wish to use some material from your site.  I appreciate your research into the material and your generosity in providing it to everyone."

"I was surfing, looking for information to help in our Bible study in a very small United Methodist Church in Michigan, and came across your work.  Our minister has asked members of the group to select an Apostle and learn all they can (in one week) about the selected apostle, then report to the group (all 6 of us).  I volunteered to do Bartholomew.  Your information will be helpful, and I will be printing out all of it to add to my notes.  Thank you."

"Thank you for making this information available on the worldwide web!  I will be taking it to our Bible study class that is being taught by a Russian orthodox priest here in [], Pennsylvania.  In our class is a young woman who is wondering why infants -- and not just adults -- are baptized, and perhaps this information will help her, as it will help all of us to understand the history of this important rite.  Thank you, and may God bless you and your work."

"I used your material I got from the internet as a resource for an assignment I have in Bible College for my Acts class.  Your material was well put together and very informative. I praise God for you. I will also use it in teaching. I printed it and putting it in booklet form.  My wife used it too.  She is is the same class.  Thanks again."

"I don't go to church but I take European History classes and it saved me a throat cutting in an essay, Thanks A lot."

"It was with great relief and pleasure that I found your web page.  I have agreed to lead a lesson series on the apocrypha in January/Feburary of 2001. A lot of frustrating hours have been spent on the web searching for information.  There seems to be an endless amount of data, but I find some to be questionable, in my mind.  As I read some of the information, it seemed to take on the "I am right, you or wrong" attitude.  This makes me very wary of what is the real purpose of the information.  With a lot of gladness, I do not find this attitude in your series."

"I've read your web page!!  It has been an excellent source for a paper I am writing on the Protestant Reformation."

"Thanks for the wonderful article. I am currently attending a Protestant Christian College. I have an assignment to write a paper on the difference between the Catholic and Protestant religion. The article that you wrote detailed some of the information that I require."

"Thanks for your good information on the canon and the apocrypha."

"Just want to thank you for your "A Brief History of the Inquisition" on the web.  It's a concise, fact-filled, and well-written account.  It was just what I was looking for, and I'm glad I was directed to it by a search on"

"I teach the young adult class at Calvary Baptist Church in [].  I am using this website to get some information on Joseph of Arimathea.  H e is listed in our Sunday School lesson as one of many wealthy men in the Bible who were Godly characters. Our lesson is dealing with the letter to the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3 : 14- 22.  Thank you for taking the time to put this information on the internet."

"Enjoyed your page. I've spent many hours studying the reformation era, but your 'e-z to digest' page is excellent for overview & perspective."

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